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5 Things to Do When Using Washing Machine to Get the Best Result

Using a washing machine is very common in this modern society because it can make washing clothes more efficient. Nevertheless, some people find problems with their clothes or even their machine after using it for washing. You can experience those problems if you do not do these things when using the machine for washing your clothes.

Separate Colors and Treat Stains First

Color runs can be the biggest disaster that people can find when they wash clothes with a machine. However, this should not be a problem as long as you separate colors first. In this circumstance, you need to separate the washes into white, dark, light, and delicate piles.

Next, before putting each pile into the machine, you have to check stains on your garments. Cleaning the stain first will prevent you from rehashing the clothes later.

Check Labels

The best result for washing your garment can be found if you check the garment care labels to find out the right guidelines for washing your clothes. You only need to follow the available instructions about the appropriate wash cycle and even the right temperature to set.

Use Laundry Bags for Delicate Items

You want to use a washing machine to make washing more practical so you might not think it is necessary to use a laundry bag. Nevertheless, it will be crucial for washing delicate things, such as underwear, lingerie, silk, and stockings because they can snag easily without the laundry bag. A pillowcase can be a genius replacement for a laundry bag so you do not have any excuse.

Put Detergent Correctly

Detergent is used a lot for washing, but many people do not consider the correct way of using detergent from different brands. They will not bother to read the packaging to find the right measurement and way to use the product.

You might need to use a measuring cap or dosing ball provided in the packaging to measure your liquid detergent. Since it is a liquid detergent, you can put it right into the drum after your clothes.

However, it will be different with the powder detergent since a special compartment is available for powder detergent. Things can be easier with washing tablets or washing capsules because you can feel free to put them in the drum.

Leave the Door Open

After using your washing machine, you should leave its door open to allow the air out and prevent mildew and mold from growing inside your machine.

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